Saturday, October 31, 2009

Elias' 1st Halloween....


Halloween was jammed packed for such a little boy, it lasted a whole week, and he loved every minute :) Elias started off the Halloween week with a cartoon watching breakfast picnic in the CUTEST Halloween skeleton jammies...

Then it was on to the Halloween Extravaganza with our Moms group that we are a part of. The ladies did a fab job of organizing the whole thing and we had so much fun.

Elias was quickly drawn to the ball pit, he has one just like it at home in his room.
hanging out in the pit with a cute little sock monkey :)
our little monkey
Hanging out with a Skeleton.
We made Trick or Treat bags and I think they all turned out soo cute.
Cute Baby GreyAttack of the monkey!

Later in the week we continued on with more tradition making...carving our pumpkins!
Elias wasn't so sure what to think at first
but he eventually dove right inewwy gooey pumpkin guts :)B decided to do a much more difficult design on his pumpkin.
E decided that he would rather just eat the pumpkin :)Our finished pumpkins :) B's on the left (obviously) and mine and E's on the right.
On Halloween Eve, Elias and I baked Pumpkin sugar cookies as well as Chocolate Chip cookies and Sugar Scary Cats cookies for B and his team members at work...of course E had to taste test them :)Five Stars!On Halloween night we joined up with some of B's team members, (thats employees that work for him, but Red Robin calls them team members and he gets mad if I call them employees) Jonathan and Brandi and their daughter H, to go Trick or Treating. I was a little skeptical at first about taking Elias TorT because he is so young, but he LOVED it. We only went to about five or six houses, but that was definitely enough to wear him (and his parents) out.

E and H meet.
E was a little excited...
maybe a little TOO excited. :)
riding in stylewith his fav driver besides his Gap of course :)
First Trick or Treat. Elias LOVED this by the way. He is such a people person, so this was def something for him, because behind each door was a new face for him to ham it up to.
Freeze Pop time after a long night of TorTing.

Little story behind the chosen costume...Elias' Nana it bought for him when they were visiting back in September. It was during the time while his Auntie Telly was in the hospital waiting for her new lungs. Being a doctor, a heart/lung doctor at that was perfect for him to show how much he loves his auntie :)
The name McCutie comes from one of his momma and aunties favorite shows, Greys Anatomy :)Hope everyone had an AWESOME HALLOWEEN!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

number three has arrived

toofies that is.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumkin Patch Take Two (WARNING: Picture OVERLOAD)

Brendon and I decided to spend one of his days off going to another pumpkin patch in the area...well maybe not exactly in the took about forty mins to get to it from where we live. It was actually called the Great Pumpkin Patch, original, huh? Ha. And it was a FAKE patch at that, the pumpkins were shipped in and dropped strategiously around the field. WHAT!?! At least there was no mud, right Alison? :)

Here is E on the hay ride.

Love them :)

You can see the fake patch with all the pumpkins. Ha.
I LOVE Elias' face in this one. He has become so animated and I love it.
Pumpkin Sherriff

and I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor :)
How YOU doing. Haha. (this made me laugh Alison.)

Such a Ham.

Elias was not a happy camper when we were leaving :(

Ps. I might add that this would actually be a really fun place to take Elias when he is older because they had a lot of fun things to do besides going to get your pumpkin. They had a petting zoo, inflatables, a train ride, pony rides, and much much more, but E was just a little to young this year.


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