Wednesday, March 31, 2010

15 months

I think its cute that Elias sleeps in the same way as he did 15 months ago :) Yes our handsome baby boy is 15 months old. He has melted my heart lately with his sweetness. He has NEVER let me rock him to sleep, yet a few nights ago he wasn't sleeping well and he fell asleep with me rocking him in his chair. It was so sweet and rare that I stayed in there rocking him 30 mins after he fell asleep taking in and enjoying the moment. A few days before he had woke up a few hours after going to bed so we put in bed with us while we were watching TV and he fell asleep which is also a very rare thing these days. We left him there until we were ready for bed. I wouldn't of minded him sleeping with us but he kicks and moves too much. Ha. I can't believe that we co-slept until 6 months.Ok, enough about sleeping and on to more interesting stuff :)
**Our BIG boy is now 29lbs and 33 inches tall. (that puts him in the 95% for weight and 75% in height) All of his weight is in his big ole noggin, because the boy is skinny and still a very very picky eater. The pedi would like us to do a follow up with the neurosurgeon since we haven't seen him since last summer. She isn't overly concerned but he is still making his own curve on the charts with his head growth. She said that he is incredibly smart and well above his age with his motor skills, (thanks Doc, we think he is pretty smart too. ha) but would rather know 100% that everything is ok with his head. She said his eating habits are normal for his age and to just keep offering him everything that we eat. As I was typing this he took my banana I was eating and ate most of it and last night I was eating carrot sticks and he actually took one of those and ate it too. He is definitely Mr. Independent and wants to do things when he wants to do things.
**He is very loving, and will randomly come up to you for a hug or kiss or put his head on you. It melts your heart to mush :) He also likes to come and sit in your lap to watch ELMO.
**He is SUPER fast and I have a hard time keeping up with him sometimes because he is all over the place. He definitely keeps me on my toes and busy.
**He loves blocks and can stack them up. He also likes to destroy what his Dada has built. Haha.
**He has also shown an interest lately in cars and trucks or just about anything with wheels including his stroller in which he wants to be OUT of the stroller playing with the wheels and not IN the stroller strapped in.
**He follows instructions really well and even knows the difference in things like a shower or bath (we do these in different bathrooms) and will go to the bathroom that you said shower or bath.
**He now goes up and down the stairs. I think its hilarious to watch him go down cause he just slides as you can check out in the videos in previous blogs.
**He is definitely a Jewell boy with his love of hats. He loves wearing hats, especially his Dada's hats and brings them to me to put on him. He also likes sunglasses in which I found the cutest aviators at Old Navy.
**He likes balls and the best purchase I could have made is one of the big ones from Target. His eyes light up when he sees it and shreaks "ball ball". He has gotten really good at throwing a ball and we are teaching him to catch one and he can catch it about half the time :)
**He also loves his Little People Farm. He will put it up on the couch so he is level with it and just babbles away and makes all of the animal sounds with it.
**He also has an obsession with keys. He knows that the keys to the cars hang by the door and when we get to the bottom of the stairs he wants them. He also knows that when we leave we lock the door behind us and he wants to do that. He also likes the panic button on Momma's keyless entry and will push it, A LOT. Haha. He knows how to take the key in and out of the file cabinet and can lock and unlock it thanks to Dada...that might be something I could have done without him learning quite yet. :) We bought him a fancy play key set from Target hoping he would like those and steer away from wanting ours. Nope. He wants the real thing, although his BFF Will likes his play keys :)
**He talks A LOT and most of the time you can make out what he says but there aren't really any certain words that he always says if that makes sense. He will copy you a lot or say something when he wants it but you can't really get him to say it when you want him to. IE if you say, "Elias, can you say cracker?" He wont say it, but if he sees a cracker he will squeal with delight and say it.
**He likes getting into my jewelry drawer and playing with my costume jewelry. (Shhhhh dont tell Dada. haha)
**He isn't into reading books as much as he was, mainly because he doesn't like to sit still long enough to do so. He still likes to be read to before bed but it has to be a story that keeps his interest and he has to turn the page.
**We are restricting his paci, because he seems to babble and talk a lot more without it obviously. He mostly just gets it in his crib but I do occasionally cave when we are out because I know that when he is fussy the paci soothes him.
All in all, we are having so much fun being Elias' parents. He as such an interactive and playful age and we love it. We are very active in our Mom's group and meeting up with our friends Alison and Will and we notice that he is a much happier child when he is out and about than being stuck at home. Sorry for writing a book but I want to remember everything :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday Dada

Today was Brendon's 26th birthday and it couldn't have been better. (ask him, i am sure he will agree. ha. ) Last night Elias and I made him a cake and decorated it and we also had his favorite picture printed and put in a frame. Today Elias let us all sleep in and when I went and got him to bring him into bed with us he did the sweetest thing. I told him, "happy birthday dada," and in the sweetest little voice he said, "birthday dada." It was seriously the sweetest thing, and it brought tears to my eyes. This is definitely what being a parent is all about, these little moments that are so happy and sweet and I know that it was Dada's best birthday wish that he got all day. We had birthday cake for breakfast and just lounged around before going to the Summit for some shopping. First stop the APPLE store where we are now the proud owners of an iMAC. Then we went to ToysRus so that we could buy E his Easter gift which was the Fire truck version of the Cozy Coupe. He LOVES it. Then it was back home to assemble both gifts before Caroline came over to play with Elias while Momma and Dada went to dinner at Pf Changs. Dinner was yummmy as usual and for a little added bonus we saw Charles Barkley sitting at the bar eating. FYI, he eats alone. Ha. We came home to still awake baby boy that wasn't ready to stop celebrating his Dada's birthday. I think secretly the Dada was happy to see him a little bit more since he has to work tomorrow :) All in all it was a great day and I am glad we got to spend it together. Happy Birthday Brendon/Dada, we love you so very much :)

Here is an added bonus...Elias last year for Dada's birthday :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

15 month stats

.15 months old.
29.9 lbs
33 in tall

at birth
8 lbs 3 ozs
21 in long

6 weeks
12 lbs 6 ozs
23 in long

3 months
16 lbs 12.8 ozs
24 3/4 in long

4 months
20 lbs
26 1/2 in long

6 months
22.2 lbs
28 in long

9 months
25 lbs 1 oz
31 in long

1 year
26 lbs 12 ozs
32 in tall

Monday, March 22, 2010

St Patty's Day Playdate

On St Patty's Day we traded in the green beer and Mardi Gras like celebration for a playdate with our Mom's Group. We went to fellow mom, Melissa's house and her cute son, M. We had yummy treats and lots of play. It ended up being all boys except sweet baby girl G but it was a lot of fun and Elias was EXHAUSTED on the way home.

Dora the Explorer

Last week we met up with our Mom's Group at McWane to meet Dora the Explorer. It was fun BUT going to McWane during Spring Break is never a good idea.The place was PACKED and Elias doesn't really know who Dora is even though I prepped him by having Dora playing in his DVD player in the Jeep all week :) He was more interested in Backpack than Dora herself :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


(this was Elias' two cents. ha.)

Stair Luge

I think the title speaks for itself. Ha.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have you ever noticed...

Have you ever hard it is to take pictures of two rambunctious one year old boys and get them in the same picture? It use to be easy.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bring on the sunshine!

The weather the past few days have been AMAZING and we have def taken advantage of it. On Saturday we met up with Alison and Will at a local park...where it seems everyone else had the same idea. It was SUPER busy but the boys had a blast. At one point they had to share a swing, and Im not too sure they were exactly thrilled with the idea but it was cute. Ha. We also had the pleasure of meeting another fellow WTE DEC '08 Mom (Whitney) and her adorable little girl S (and brother J). So cool to meet someone that you know so much about already but have never met.
We are soooo ready for bring on the SUNSHINE.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When I agreed to move to the Deep South that we call Alabama, I was under the impression that it would be warmer. I was very misled. It seems to be calling for snow every other week here. Here are pictures from one of those snow fits in February.

ps. the entire city seems to shut down when there is even talk of snow. i kid you not.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bee Mine in Atlanta

The week before Valentine's Day, Elias went to a playdate and had so much fun. It was fun for him to have new toys to play with and see his little friends from our Moms group and it was fun for Momma to have the adult interaction and conversation. We also made a little Bee Mine craft that turned out super cute and is hanging on our fridge. :)For Valentine's weekend Daddy surprised us with a weekend to Atlanta :) We hit up IKEA (twice) for new bedroom furniture and we went to the Georgia Aquarium.
Looking at the was sooooo crowded. We didnt take into account about the holiday weekend and the aquarium was PACKED. Elias wanted out of his stroller really bad but we couldnt let him down cause he would have been lost in 2 seconds. Daddys favorite...SHARK!EEK!
One of few places we could actually let him out to explore. He LOVED it.
We had to climb in a tunnel to get here.
Sigh. He looks like such a big boy here. Where did my baby go off to?
We had an amazing weekend. We upgraded to annual passes so hopefully we can return soon and it wont be so crowded.

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