Thursday, April 29, 2010

16 months

16 months and full of himself :)
(and absolutely positively without a doubt cuter than ever)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

baby bullet proof

Elias knows no fear and it scares the living day lights out of his Momma. We were in the kitchen last week fixing his lunch when he decided I wasn't fixing it fast enough. I had put it in the microwave and turned around to wash a dish...turned back around after maybe 5 secs and this is what I find...
Apparently he is very resourceful and was trying to figure out how to get to his lunch.

*** Please note that I knew he could open the oven (as well as the dishwasher) and we have taught him HOT when its turned on, and he is not allowed in the kitchen when its on for this very reason.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


4.15.10 Tax Day...
we didn't spend it filing taxes, we spent it playing in a Shamu Pool at Walkers :)
Elias has become such a little water bug.
He loves any kind of water
and had a blast playing with his buddies Walker and Will
Walker was the perfect host
and the most attentive (and great multi tasker) pool boy.
What I wouldnt give to have that golden hair, nice golden skin, and chubby thighs.
(I guess 1 out of 3 aint bad. Haha.
(the thighs of course!)
The Cozy Coupe was a big hit with the boys. Walker directed traffic,
while Elias and Will decided to take a ride together.
The boys were great at sharing....
most of the time.
Sometimes plastic juice containers are just too yummy to share.
(ooops wipe out!)
We had such a great time and were very thankful to Walker (and Lauren)
for inviting us over.
Elias even earned his keep by helping to mow the grass.
And Will? Well, he showed his love to Shamu :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Zoo and Splash Pad

4.14.10 Zoo and Splash Pad with Caroline & Jackson

We made Elias' 2nd Zoo trip with our friends Caroline & Jackson (and their parents of course.) We went at a time of day where I could let Elias out of his stroller and roam around on his own. HE LOVED IT. The boy loves animals and was so excited to see all the different ones, and was not at all happy to leave each one to go on to the next. But as soon as he would see a new one he would get just excited.

Excited about all the fish in the water.

Caroline in her stellar shades she swiped from Elias :) And also in Elias' stroller. Ha.
The boys sharing a ride together :)

Sweet Caroline in one of the rockers at the Kangaroo Junction
The Zoo has an awesome little Splash Pad, and I wasnt really sure how Elias would like about I just let the pictures do all the talking...

Elias and I went back to the Zoo again to buy a yearly membership :
(4.22.10 Zoo)
Mr. Lion we shall being seeing lots of you over the next year.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I gotta feeling that April's gonna be a good month...

Have you heard that BlackEyed Peas song, "I gotta feeling" ? It says I gotta feeling tonights gonna be a good night...well thats how the whole first half of the month of April has been for us. We have been going non-stop and having o' so much fun. It started out with a family day at the Botanical Gardens and a date with Miss Caroline, which you can see all of Elias' cuteness from yesterdays post :) Then we were on to play dates galore with inflatable pools and park play, as well as a Zoo and Splash Pad visit.

4.7.10 Pool Playdate at Addie's house with Addie, Walker, and Audrey.
Elias had an tiny inflatable pool last summer
but I don't think he was really big enough go understand the concept of it,
nor was he really sitting up really well.
This year has been a totally different say that the kid likes it would be a total understatement.
He absolutely LOVES it.
He would literally squeal with joy while splashing around.
Addie was nice enough to share her pool :)
He and Walker with their cute matching board shorts. I love the admiration that Walker has for Elias, its soo adorable.

4.11.10 Park with Walker
We were sooo excited that after MONTHS of being closed, our favorite park was finally reopened for some play! Walker and his momma Lauren, met up with us for some play. I didnt get many pictures, but this one is cute enough to share.
They are at such a fun age.

4.13.10 Park and IceCream with Will
A few days later, Will and Alison met up with us to play at our favorite park. We tried to recreate this've got a friend in me But as you can see...the boys were not cooperating with us.
Now that they are both fully mobile, its hard keeping them both in one spot.
My sweet baby boy in a rare moment I can get him to look at the camera.
Cutie pie Will...what you don't see is the little boy that had the freedom to explore the park sans Momma. (she was sitting in the common area chatting with others.) He followed the boys around like a shadow and snacked on dirt. Yummm.
Will laughing at Brendon, who had the day off and joined us. :)
Elias laughing at his Dada...sooo sad my camera is being a jerk and its blury.
Hi Will!
Coldstone...yummmm! The boys eating their icecream cones.
Will's first icecream cone.

To be continued...up next...the Zoo and another pool playdate! :)

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