Wednesday, August 25, 2010

not pennys boat***

As a woman (and man) you spend all those years spending money on birth control and other contraceptives trying to PREVENT pregnancy for various reasons of not being "ready" to become a mom or a dad and when B and I got married I think we were on a 5 year plan of having children. Our rambunctious baby boy E, had other plans for us and made his debut into this world 2 months shy of our second wedding anniversary. Although we were married (and on the birth control pill I might add) we were not ready to have a child yet, so were definitely shocked when we got that + sign on the pee stick a little over 2 years ago. Even so, we couldn't imagine our lives without our little Baby E and wouldn't change ANYTHING. It seems that as soon as you have that first baby (sometimes even your 2nd or even 3rd) the golden question is, "When are you having another?" I know that with E, I wasn't even healed from the 22 stitches of craziness that his big head caused before what seemed like everyone was asking that question. I always knew that I wanted to have my children close in age but it wasn't a concrete set in stone decision and it most certainly wasn't a decision I could make after just birthing an 8lb 3oz watermelon sized head baby out of a hole the size of what I imagined to be the size of a grape.
Our sweet baby boy was cute and very loved but NOT an easy baby. He didn't sleep in his own crib/room nor did he sleep through the night until he was close to 8 months old and didn't get on a solid nap schedule til after his 1st birthday. My thoughts of having another went straight out the window due to exhaustion and frustration. THEN his first birthday came and went and it was bitter sweet and baby fever started to kick in especially with so many that we knew either having babies or being pregnant. In March we decided to "officially" start trying for Baby Jewell 2.0 but I knew that it wasn't going to happen right away because since having IUD out in Nov my monthly visitor had yet to show her face. I went to the OB/GYN and he gave me prescription to jumpstart things which it did, but no baby the first month and again no "aunt flo" the 2nd month. I was then sent to an infertility clinic where a series of tests, bloodwork (LOTS OF NEEDLES. EEEEK) and ultra sounds were done. With this intense and thorough testing it was found that I ovulate spontaneously and that E was conceived because the bc pill regulated my system. The plan was to jumpstart my system again with a shot of progesterone and then start the infertility drug called Clomid. The shot of Progesterone didn't jumpstart my system like they had hoped so I was brought in for MORE needles and MORE bloodwork the day before my birthday and was told they would call me the next day to tell me what next step would be to jumpstart things. On my birthday I spent the day at the pool with one of my best friends sans baby, just hanging out enjoying my day. While there the infertility clinic calls with my results. She tells me that the reason I havent gotten my period is because I am PREGNANT!!!!! Not the call I expected but definitely a call that I will never forget. BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER. A week later we went in for an ultra sound to confirm Baby Jewell 2.0 and got to see our little dot on the screen :) (our nurse pointed out that baby 2.0 looked like a diamond ring....does bling bling mean a baby girl?:) :) :)
It has most certainly started out differently than my pregnancy with E. We didn't find out I was pregnant with him until I was 8 weeks and didn't have our first dr appt/ultra sound until he was nearly 16 weeks! With E, NO morning sickness, with 2.0, CONSTANT ALL DAY morning sickness and fatigue. So bad in fact I had to get a script for Zofran. I am sooo looking forward to our 2nd Trimester that shall begin in a week and a half. With E I didnt start showing until week 20 or later and I could wear almost all of my clothes until end of pregnancy....this time around, I am already growing out of my clothes and am starting to show some. YIKES!

So there you have it, our baby boy is going to be a BIG BROTHER and we are going to be the parents of TWO :) We are soooo super excited for our upcoming addition and maybe slightly a tad bit nervous to have a 2 year old and infant but I am sure it will be an amazing journey. I will say it was a bit crazy for us as to how uneasy it was to just get pregnant. Back to what I was saying at the beginning of the spend all those years trying NOT to get pregnant you don't expect for it to be difficult to actually get pregnant on purpose.

E was a Christmas Baby, 2.0 will be a St. Patty's Day Baby. Due Date 3.18.11 give or take. Apparently our babies like holidays :)

***side note...if you dont watch LOST, then you def wont get the title nor the big brother picture. ha.

For bonus is one of the ideas we had for sharing the news.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Cool for School

In February we decided to start scoping out "schools" for Elias. (Who knew there were waiting lists and you had to jump on the wagon wayyyy before school actually started?) We thought it would be good for him to have the structured environment and interaction with other kids. We wanted something that had a curriculum and wasn't a "day care", not that there is anything wrong with that but just not the fit for us. We wanted him to go somewhere to learn and have fun and not just be baby sat. We found the perfect one and registered him and he started a few weeks ago. He has only had two days of it due to our vacation but so far he has LOVED it. His bff W is in his class with him and his little gf A is in a class down the hall..
Cute little name tag on the table.
Look Who's in Toddler 3
Found the cars right away. (Meet and Greet night)
Little cubbies <3

Getting a lift (and kiss) from Dada
Cute backpack with his name on it :)
E and W in their backpacks looking at the fish pond at school.
A and E
Cutie <3
E and W checking out the place on the first day.
Coming back for one last hug :)

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