Friday, November 27, 2009

walk the line part 2

Here are a few videos of Elias and his walking skills. In the start of the first video he is dancing along to Jay-Z's Run this Town. Haha. He LOVES music.

This was right after his bath...he likes to run around in the buff for a little bit...


Our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3 :) It was also our first Thanksgiving away from family.

The day started out fantastic. B let me sleep in while he got up and played with Elias and cleaned the kitchen! And I was woke up with a fresh pot of coffee he made just for me :)
Then I went out to search for a Black Friday Newspaper...I didn't really plan on doing any shopping but its still fun to look at all the good sales. (It took me 10 mins of driving around to find one!) Then it was back home to lounge and start cooking our part of the Friendsgiving Dinner. Our Thanksgiving Dinner plans were to eat with Elias' BFF Will and his parents. They were making the turkey, dressing, gravy, greenbeans, rolls, and pumpkin cheesecake roll. We were making the mashed potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, and Hello Dollies :) Unfortunately our dinner turned into a food swap, because poor little Will woke up from a nap with a high temp. (He ended up with an ear infection) So we loaded up our food to take to them and took by their house for a quick visit and to get the yummy food Alison made. It wasnt exactly what we planned but it turned out pretty amazing. The food was awesome and it was nice to spend the day as a family.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Haircut

We celebrated Elias' 11th month with his first haircut...His little baby mullet was getting a little out of control. So we took him to Sports Clips, where all big boys babies go.

B says I need to be careful when I am claiming he has a mullet...someone her in 'bama might take if someone has...sorry about that ya'll.

Here is the end result...just a little off the mullet back.

11 Months Old

11 months old. In one month our sweet little baby boy officially crosses over into the toddler world. With each passing month I am just amazed at how fast this past year has gone and everything that Elias learns in a months time. He is at such a fun age and we are loving every minute.

He is a walking maniac these days, he is definitely walking more than he is crawling and has amazing balance. For your viewing pleasure I have uploaded two videos of him showing off his walking skills, you can also see in the one video how much he LOVES music. He would much rather watch something on TV with music than any cartoon.

He just bounces up and down to the beat and its sooo incredibly adorable. His favorite "kiddie" song is Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. I sing it to him at least a hundred times a day and he just bounces a long and smiles and also does the little hand movements that go along with the song. This is also handy when he gets cranky in the car, because I just start singing the song and he calms down and starts kicking his foot to the song. Ha. There have been a few trips that I have turned the Five Little Monkeys into more of a song thats like 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall....its a marathon of a song and my voice is sooo tired at the end but hey if it keeps him happy, I am happy.

He also really likes the Cat in the Hat movie. He NEVER sits still and is always on the go but if I need a moment of just sitting, all I have to do is play this movie and he will stop where he is and just watch. His new favorite "climbing toy" is Dada's gaming rockers. He will climb up and down, up and down, and when he is sitting on one of them he smiles and is so proud of himself.

He added a new word to his vocabulary, he now says up and he whispers it just like when he says light. Dada has been working with him on new words and I really think he tries because anything you say he will repeat you with the right syllables but it is just baby jibber jabber. And baby jibber jabber he does! Holy cow he is jabbering NON stop. Sometimes I feel like I am being cursed in baby talk cause of the expressions he uses when he is talking "at" me.

He is definitely his fathers child and a motor mouth. Haha. He is also a MAJOR daddys boy which breaks my heart and warms it all at the same time. I mean I am the one that is with him ALL day EVERY day but he will dis me in a heartbeat when it comes to his Daddy. We went by Brendons work one day to get the stroller out of his car and Elias was absolutely devastated when he realized he was only seeing Dada for a short second. So very sad. Their relationship is so cute and they have so much fun together.

He has become very interested in textures and things that are new to him. He picks things up and turns them over and over in his hand and just inspects them over all. Its is super adorable to watch his little wheels turn in his head.

Elias is still a picky picky eater. I am getting a little nervous as his first birthday approaches because I know that there is no way he will be getting weaned off of his formula yet, he just doesn't eat enough and is definitely getting most of his nutrition from the formula. He is also hating the word NO, and is testing out the waters with what he can or cannot do. A lot of times he will start to do something that he knows he is not suppose to do, then start shaking his head no. Its really hard not to laugh at him.

Now we are in full blown 1st birthday countdown which is so bitter sweet, stay tuned...

Friday, November 13, 2009

walk the line

Elias has decided that crawling is a bit overrated. :) He still crawls more than he walks but he can walk all the way across the room. I have tried to get it on video but he is not cooperating...sooo I will try my best to get it on video soon :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

stupid video games

Call of Duty 4 came out today...someone in this house is SUPER excited...its not me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Got a Friend in Me.

Yes you may start singing the song from Toy Story....

ps. click on the link and you can hear the song to sing along with :)

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