Sunday, February 28, 2010

For a good laugh

Check out this blog entry written by Alison, Momma of Elias' BFF Will :) Ha.

Spaceship Adventures

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hi Im Christy, and I am a Blog Slacker

I haven't meant to put my blog on the back burner but its hard when you have a very active toddler who is non stop all day long and is only napping ONE hour a day lately. There are sooo many other things I want to get done in that facebook stalk or shop know the usual. Ha. Showers have come down to Elias showering with me in our stand up shower. Ha. He has his shovels and buckets from the beach in there and just plays his little heart out. He loves it.
Another reason that I have been slacking is because my camera has been sick and usually when I blog its all about the pictures. I finally took it to have it looked at and it was decided that my $400 dollar lens is sick. Booooo. It was sent off to visit the camera hospital and should be back in a few weeks, hopefully without a medical bill that cost as much as the lens itself. I did however become the proud owner of a fancy little lens that I have had my eye on for sometime now, so that def put this frown upside down. I am still not entirely convinced that the lens was 100% the problem but we shall see. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new lens (and hubby for letting me get it)and it takes fantastic pictures. It doesn't hurt that I have the cutest little boy (hell yeah I am biased and I don't care! ha) as my subject. So hopefully I will have more to blog about and also we are praying to our lovely mother nature to bring us WARM weather so we can get outside! I also hope I can back blog about somethings that I overlooked and want to document :) Like ummmmm Christmas? Ha....yeahhhh soooo I'm a little behind. So bite blog me. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

3 years

One thousand ninety five days, twenty six thousand two hundred eighty nine hours, one million five hundred and seventy seven thousand three hundred and forty nine minutes, ninety four million six hundred forty thousand and eighty eight seconds and counting since I married my best friend...give or take the few mins and secs it took me to write this post. (or longer considering I got side tracked)
We have gone through more than any couple should ever have to but we are stronger than ever and have definitely made it to a point where we can get through anything. Compromise has definitely played a huge factor as well as communication. We couldn't be more different but exactly the same at the same time. He is definitely the cheese to my macaroni. Haha. :)
To celebrate we both got our hair did and then went to the Melting Pot. When we got there there were roses on the table and B commented that he got me flowers. I was like yeah right jerk. :) (we are soooo not flower people.) And a couple of minutes later after another conversation he was like why am I a jerk? I really did get you flowers. OOOPS. Open mouth insert foot. My sweetie pie hubby had called to make reservations and asked if there was a way to arrange having flowers to surprise me. Soooo sweet and I was a jerkface about it. We had an amazing night. The conversation was great, our server very entertaining and the food sooooo delicious. Elias had a good time too with his Caroline.
Here is to a lifetime of more dinners and flowers and conversations :) I love you jbj.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

13 (months) going on 30

It amazes me what a child learns that you do not directly teach him. I remember at Elias' One year baby well visit reading this little chart they have up in the exam room. It says that by 18 months your baby should be following simple two word instructions.
B and I kind of chuckled about it because we don't really give Elias' instructions. Or do we? I think that its all indirect things that we do not think about. We have always talked to him as we would talk amongst ourselves, not really talking to him with baby talk, and honestly we do not "teach" him things. Most things that he learns is by watching us and imitating. We didn't teach him to walk, we didn't teach him to say Mama or Dada or cracker. We didn't teach him how to use a fork or spoon or turn a cup up. These are all things that he has watched us do or heard us say. The first time I realized he could understand an instruction or question is when I asked him if he was hungry. He looked at me and then walked into the kitchen and over to the fridge and reached for the handle. The second time was when I asked him if he was ready to go night night and he picked up his blanket and walked into his bedroom and over to his book basket ready for a bedtime story. And the third time is when I asked him to go sit in his seat so we could eat, and he walked over to his booster seat we keep in the floor of the living room and plopped himself down. I am just amazed and in awe at this little person that our baby has become. He has such a cute personality and he does something new every day and is constantly making us laugh and smile. He is absolute joy to have in our lives and is definitely a blessing.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Polly wanna...

Cracker? No we didn't buy a parrot but Elias did learn a new word. His latest word that he added to his vocabulary is CRACKER. Yesterday I asked him if he was hungry (which by the way if you ask him this he goes to the kitchen. haha) and he came into the kitchen and reached up for me to pick him up and he pointed at a box on the counter and very clearly said, "Cracker!" I said cracker and he said it a few more times and got really excited. I dont document new words unless there are other witnesses...and there have been TWO. He said cracker for Dada yesterday when we met up with him for lunch. Then he said cracker again today for Alison and Will when he saw me reach into his diaper bag for a snack :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


i found FORTY EIGHT of these 1-3 second video clips on my FLIP when I plugged it into my computer to upload the Slam Dunk Video. Apparently one 13 month old boy wants to be a foot model or go into directing a Footloose movie? :)

Slam Dunk


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