Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have been pooling it since early May and having oh so much fun. Going to the pool comes with precautions though- swim diapers and what can happen in those swim diapers. My biggest fear has been poop in the swim diapers and I went 2 whole months without one incident and then BAM it hit me like a ton of well.....POOP. IT WAS AWFUL and that is quite the understatement. My sister and nephew were in town and we were doing our morning routine of pool time, and I am super happy that someone was there with me for sure. Sometimes Elias likes to play at the top of the stairs of the pool while I am sitting in the pool on the stairs and this is what was happening when I spotted it...POOP. RUNNING. DOWN. HIS. LEG. OH MY GODDDDDDD. In one quick swift motion I scooped Elias up and wrapped him in a towel before anyone at the pool could notice what was going on, told my sister I had to run back to house, and bolted out of there like I had ants in my pants. We came back to the house and I tossed him in the shower and started hosing him off, all the while I was gagging and freaked out that I was not only going to have to clean up poop but my own vomit. Did I mention we had recently switched to reusable cloth swim diapers? Yeahhhhhhh. In all of my 18 1/2 months of being a Momma, it was by far the WORST poop incident experienced to date. Even worse than Poopcasa. Oh and did I also mention that I thought it would be a brilliant idea to go BACK to the pool but this time in a disposable swim diaper and it was PoopaPOOLooza AGAIN in the exact same way. FML.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

18 months, 1 1/2, 1.5

Wow, I cant believe that my last post was 17 months, where does time go? If you looked in my edit post you would see at least 20 blogs that I have started but not finished, including Christmas. YIKES! Here it is close to his 19 month of life and I have yet to post his 18 month. (for the record I started this post 6.20.10) We are having so much fun who has time to sit down and blog? Our baby boy has turned into this handsome, witty, full of life little boy. With each milestone and stage of life we are having more and more fun. He keeps us entertained from the time he wakes up to til he crashes at night from exhaustion and we are loving every minute of it. He is a chatter box and it would take me all day to type all of the things he is saying and doing. I will mention that our favorite thing he says right now is "thank you." He is so polite and says it 99.9% of the time correctly. There are those few instances where he uses it when its not quite the right time, ie taking a toy from a friend, but hey, how can you get mad when he is so polite about it? Haha. Summer time bring water fun, and Elias is def a waterbug. I need to post some videos of our fearless boy who will jump into the pool unassisted. For now lets get onto the important stuff...Elias' 18 month well baby stats :)
.18 months old.
30.2 lbs
34 in tall
at birth
8 lbs 3 ozs
21 in long
6 weeks
12 lbs 6 ozs
23 in long
3 months
16 lbs 12.8 ozs
24 3/4 in long
4 months
20 lbs
26 1/2 in long

6 months
22.2 lbs
28 in long

9 months
25 lbs 1 oz
31 in long

1 year
26 lbs 12 ozs
32 in tall
.15 months old.
29.9 lbs
33 in tall
He was 90th percentile for both his weight and height and the pedi was happy with his growth and motor skills. We have one smart cookie on our hands and we are soooo proud :)

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