Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween {2011}

We decided to forego trick or treating this year since E had already gotten so many treats from different parties and sort, plus he had *trick or treated* old school style a few weeks ago. Instead we spent it at home as a family carving our pumpkin. Yes, we waited until Halloween night, but it was the only chance we had and the boys had a blast. Usually we buy the fancy patterns and B curses his whole way through if its not perfection and because its so time consuming. This year we decided to go with a simple 
jack  o'lantern and E was just as happy. 

playing outside before Dada got home from work so we could carve pumpkin

cute boy on the go


our pumpkin family

my boys getting ready to carve their pumpkin

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E helping

getting the guts out. love Sawyers face. haha

Sawyer helping

looking at his pumpkin

What Sawyer thinks of Halloween (or the cold stoop we set him on. ha!)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kentucky, Happy Birthday to the *other Elias*

The *other Elias* turns 3 on Halloween and to celebrate his birthday we rode along with Lindy and Addie to experience our very first Hoptown escapade. It was very interesting to say the least. The party was at a middle of BFE local pumpkin patch and when we arrived, there were goats IN TREES. Yes you read that correctly, goats in the trees. Apparently thats where the Kentucky goats like to hang. Also about five minutes after arriving I was stung by a bee, the bees were everywhere! And about 20 minutes after the first sting, I was stung yet again. OUCH! Then my darling husband thought it would be a good idea to inform me that once you are stung once, it puts off some kind of *alarm* to other bees that I am a danger to the colony, meaning sting me. So to say I was a bit freaked out for the rest of the day would be an understatement...HA! Anyways...on to the cuteness of the day...

goats IN TREES

E petting the goats

VERY well dressed country boy :)

baby cows

There were truck beds full of corn and toys. 

Her diaper was full of corn.  haha.

Getting' down with the Kentucky lifestyle, barefoot in the corn.

In order to feed the animals, you had to shuck your own corn, then placed the shucked corn in a grinder and grind it up, scoop up the corn into a bucket, and then finally take it to the animals to feed them. They definitely made you work for it. Haha.

E grinding his corn

He found out quick why Kentucky boys aren't very stylish


Addie grinding her corn

working hard.

Finally feeding the animals

Whats a Kentucky farm without a Tractor Train?

friendly game of football

bike races

game of corn hole 

E won. HA.

Wagon ride to the pumpkin patch

corn maze to the patch

A was SUPER excited

Brooke and Elias Foster running for their pumpkin

a little game of Red Light Green Light

looking for a pumpkin

heading back with their pumpkins

found mine :)


E2, Addie, and E1

Happy Birthday, Elias Foster! Thanks for inviting us to your party, we had a blast!


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