Monday, December 19, 2011


Thats how many years that we have been blessed with your sweet, imaginative, stubborn soul. Three years ago you gave me something that I had dreamed about since I was a little girl, you gave the chance to be a momma. YOUR momma. I'd be lying if I said its been all rainbows and butterflies, because you are one stubborn and hard headed little boy(I blame your dada) and its been a learning experience for us both but for the most part it has been a fun and amazing ride and we could not ask for more. I never in a million years thought I had so much love to give until you were born. 

This last year has gone by so fast as we have watched you grow from a toddler to a little boy. In the past year you gave up your crib, got a big boy bed, gave up your paci, you basically gave up naps, you (FINALLY) decided peeing/pooping in the potty was the cool thing to do, and you became a BIG BROTHER. An AMAZING big brother, I might add. 

You LOVE school this year and your teachers always tell us how sweet and polite you are and that you are their BIGGEST helper when it comes to clean up. (Too bad you don't show off those skills at home, just kidding. haha) You are smart beyond your years and love to learn how things work. You love to sing your ABC's and other little songs that you have learned at school or from your favorite TV shows. You like to show us that you can count and most recently that you can spell your name. You love to cook and clean (especially the dishes) just like your Dada and so UNLIKE your Momma. You love love love to shop with Momma, especially at Kroger because they have grocery carts just your size. Your all time favorite store is *The Targets* because they have toys and popcorn. 

I love seeing things through your eyes and the way that you see them. Sometimes in doing this though, the things that come out of your mouth can be both funny and embarrassing. HA! You are not afraid to let everyone know that you *tooted*, nor are you afraid to point out that you have a penis. You have also picked up a few words that should NOT be a part of your vocabulary. Freaking Douche being one of them and Momma is NOT proud of that one because you picked up both from her trying to censor her mouth and it was a FAIL. (Does it count if you do in fact use it in context? Haha.)

One of my absolute favorite things about you is that you love with your whole heart. You have become so loving and so snuggly. You love giving kisses and hugs at the most random times, (even if its when I am changing your little brothers diaper). You think giving raspberries is hilarious. You get soooo excited when Dada gets home and he gets an all out welcome home party with squeals and hugs and kisses and you don't want to leave his side when he is home. (I am quite certain that your Dada doesn't mind)

You ADORE your baby brother. He is the first person that you want to see when you wake up and the last you want  to see when you go to bed. You ask me over and over if its time to get *Baby Sawyer* while he is napping and you run to his room when I finally say that it is. You two laugh and giggle like you are in on your own jokes and it is oh so precious. You don't always like for him to take your toys, but you do make sure that he has something else to play with so that he is not sad. We try giving you one on one attention and take just you places, but as soon as we get in the car you get very concerned to where your brother is. If he cries you run to him and tell him that *its ok buddy*, and he quiets right away and gives you the biggest smile. 

I always knew that I would be the momma to a boy and you do not disappoint.  You love jumping in puddles and will find every single one before we can go back inside or get in the car. You love anything with, trains, planes, you name it. You love all things *critter* and where we live has fueled this love to a max. You have caught frogs, and lizards, and worms, and ladybugs. I am still waiting for the day that you bring me a snake. EEEP! If you had it your way (and your Dadas way) you would get a dog. Or a cat. Or both.

You love having *friends* and anyone who plays with you gets the title. You tell me how you played with all of your *friends* at school and that you need all of your *friends* to come play with you at your house. When we go visit the train tables and B&N and no on is there you always ask where all of your *friends* are. You still ask about Walker and Addie from time to time and most recently, Matthew, from your class at school has become a *friend*. Will is still by far your favorite and holds the title of your BFF if you are asked. 

This past year has been a blast and I just can't believe how much you have change physically and developmentally. I am so excited to find what the next year has in store for you (and us.) 
We love you, Elias Knight Jewell!
Happy #3!

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